Do you love hosting outdoor events?

November 12 2018

If you love to be outdoors, what better place to enjoy autumn than your own backyard? 

As the air cools, you may wish to design your yard to reflect your social lifestyle and host outdoor events. Here are some ways to make your outdoor space the perfect place for a private or social gathering: 

Centralize the Event
Events such as pool parties, outdoor movie nights or private concerts focus around a key location on the property. For these, include ample walking space and clear paths so seating can easily be moved in and out or rearranged.

Create Multifunctional Space
Outfit your yard to handle all types of social occasions, not just those with a main event. For noncentralized gatherings, you’ll want to open the whole yard for mingling. The key is to establish smaller gathering places throughout the property. These may include a small fire pit, a designated grilling area, a fountain or a bench -- anything that encourages wandering.  

Mix Landscape and Hardscape
To ensure a beautiful and interesting entertaining space, include both natural and man-made elements. Plants and garden structures should vary in height and type to keep one’s attention. Walkways and retainer walls can also be nice additions to a yard or garden.

Make Guests Comfortable
Think of features that provide comfort and beauty. String pleasant outdoor lights from house structures or tall trees so that every path is lit and easy to navigate. Add trendy cushions to wood or metal furniture to make seating less rigid.

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