These aren't your grandma's wallpapers.

September 24 2018

Thanks to professional designers using wallpaper to reinvent the character of homes, wallpaper is back in vogue. The right application transforms a room by offering a subtle backdrop or glamorous focal point. 

As you envision wallpaper in your space, consider these pro design tips to for making a memorable statement.

1. Start With Quality Paper 
Wallpaper has seen significant improvements in recent years. Papers are thicker and simpler to hang. Modern adhesives are less harmful to your walls and are easier to remove, so you can switch designs without much trouble.

2. Determine Scale 
Wallpaper plays a variety of design roles. It can envelop a room or be applied minimally to draw attention to specific areas. Determining the ideal scale of any room's wallpaper is part of the fun. Your goal is to optimize the space, color and character of a room.

3. Mirror Your Lighting 
Light is among your most vital design elements. For rooms flooded with natural light, wallpaper can enhance that brightness through organic, natural designs. Rooms with minimal lighting offer an opportunity to create calmness.

4. Consider the Furniture 
Contrast your walls with the busyness of the space. For stylish rooms with statement furniture, papers should provide a subtle backdrop to enhance the room's depth. Rooms with minimal decor can be juxtaposed by wallpaper with large patterns or unique textures

5. Get Centered 
Walls aren't as level and corners aren't as square as they appear to the naked eye. Without careful measurement, adhering paper to one corner doesn't mean it will arrive seamlessly to the adjacent edge. It's always best to start by applying paper at the focal point and working outward. 

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